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Teaching Staff & Departments

Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy
“True knowledge is not attained by thinking. It is what you are; it is what you become.”

— Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

Our institution strongly believes and follows the words of Rishi Aurobindo as we encourage every little buds of the institution to cerebrate. Thus we have three eminent departments which respectively specialize in their own significant subjects, those are – Science, Commerce and Humanities. Students can choose their subjects of their interest as per council’s guidelines.

  • Science department comprises qualified educators who are capable and knowledgeable enough to enlighten the learners. The department is well equipped for practical learning as our focus is on field centric learning.
  • Commerce department’s backbone is its depth of knowledge and relevancy. It focuses not only on bookish knowledge but it strengthens the students with proper guidance through which they learn about proper implication of those learnt skills in real life.
  • Humanities department’s foundation is strengthened with different languages, humane values and literary richness. The educators are learned and skilled in using methods which can awaken their critical thinking and contribute in their cognitive development as well as artistic visualization.
  • Every department focuses on the wholesome learning. Thus most of the teachers are some way or other indulged in other curricular activities and encourages the students to follow the same.
  • “You will be nearer to heaven through football than through the study of the Gita.” – Swami Vivekanada. Following the ideology of Swamiji we provide the students the scope to pursue Physical Education as it is included as an essential subject in our curriculum. Along with it we offer ECA classes to enhance the student’s hidden talents and capabilities.
  • Also our institute indulge in different participations and competitions to evaluate and appreciate the student’s talent, growth and development.
  • Though the mentors are themselves well trained still the school provides the training service for the teachers to make them accustomed with the changing education system and to make the teaching-learning process spontaneous and smooth.

Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy


Mr. Arjun Ghosh

Principal Ma’am, Chief Co-ordinator Ma’am and Teachers Incharge

Manorita Majumder

Debleena Mukherjee

Abhishek Chowdhury


Abhishek Chowdhury

Suddhasattwa Bhattacharya


Mitali Agnes Rozario

Rajani Gomez

Senorita D Rozario


Pubali Chatterjee


Barnita Dey


Sradhanjali Pal

Namrata Talukdar

Payel Chakraborty

Shilpi Jana

Shayan Ghosh


Debleena Mukherjee

Suddhasattwa Bhattacharya


Manorita Majumder

Abhishek Chowdhury


Pradip Kumar Das


Dipika Ghosh