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Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy

Upcoming Prospect

  1. Media and Mass communication
  2. Hospitality management
  3. Geometrical and Technical Drawing
  4. Social, Personal & Health Education
  5.  Artificial intelligence
  6. Coding
  7. Nursing
  8. Web designing, Animation

Subjects Offered


  • Communication and Language
  • Social, Personal & Health Education
  • History
  • Geography
  • Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, EVS
  • General Knowledge, Moral Science
  • Foreign language- French
  • Psychology
  • Commerce, Accounts, Business Studies, Commercial Studies, Economics
  • Computer
  • Physical Education


  • Visual Arts
  • Music and dance
  • ECA: Basketball, Football, Cricket, Archery, Table tennis

New Strategies

Fun-Based activity classes

“All work and no play makes jack a dull play”.
In order to break the monotony of the regular classes RAMA has initiated several types of activities to help the students to grasp the new techniques of learning.
The most significant role here is the Fun based way of teaching learning, help in knowledge gaining amongst the students.

Our Montessori trained faculties preparing charts and models and demonstrate different objects to identify shapes,colours and its regular use,which will enable the children to gain learning skills in an interesting way.
Learning through the above activities help the student to gain knowledge and develop skills.

Smart classes

With the upgrading technology and innovation RAMA is no where behind,tech savy teachers of RAMA have made studies simpler by using gadgets such as smart boards, laptops, computer, projectors etc graphs , pie chart, pictorial visuals and many more .These have helped the students in understanding the subjects in a better way.

RAMA has projected science experiments, identification of the pros and cons of science through continuous demonstration helping the students in gaining knowledge and interest.

Practical Based Classes

Practical classes are much more interesting than stereo type learning. In order to make studies more dynamic and creative RAMA has focused on educational tours, excursions, and visiting areas with the concept of exploring new places.
Our general classes are conducted with supportive videos and by demonstrating the science based experiments through objects or materials.

Interactive Classes

Regular interactions inside the classroom about different topics will enable the students come up with self-confidence, concentration of learning and so on.

Through interactive classes, RAMA has encouraged and motivated the students to come forward and speak in public forums.Interactive classes enhance the speaking quality, personality development, courage etc. in the students.

Assignment based classes

Assignment based learning has become a trend in RAMA which has been initiated recently after continuous research work, it is getting developed gradually in the teaching-learning process to make the curriculum technical, after completion of each topic, teachers frame assignments in a concised way to enable the students to pursue the chapter in appropriate and easy manner.

Regular Revisional Assessment

RAMA has upgraded its curriculum with new methods and techniques of learning process to make it more conceptual and stress free.

After completion of each chapter the process starts with supportive assignments followed by revisional assessment, which reduces the stress of exams.

Project-based learning

We emphasize more on junior section projects through scrap books, pasting pictures and a little description on subjects such as general knowledge, science, social science, english grammer etc.

This new tool of learning enhances the creativity, innovative mind of the students apart from the conventional method of learning