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About Us

Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy
Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy (RAMA), under Dum Dum Aurobindo Educational Trust, located near Kolkata Airport, was founded by Lt. Sri Shambhu Nath Ghosh with a vision to provide formal education to spiritual education to the society, irrespective of cast creed and religion. 

Our campus is firstly designed as homely and environment friendly. The green coverage around the campus is much healthier to stay as well as to study. Classrooms, Computer rooms, libraries, corridors, and free passages are also being conceptualized from the perspective of a young mind.

Secondly, all teaching and non-teaching staff is trained to balance the attitude, dedication, and temperament toward the Learners with respect to all correspondence.

Thirdly, we believe to maintain communication with the parents, where the exact development of the children is involved.

The entire team of Management, teachers, Parents, Students, and other members makes RAMA one of the pioneers in Educational platforms for decades. For the last 30 years of extensive research and endeavors, even in the crucial situation of the Pandemic, RAMA has significantly rendered responsibilities towards making of its children; competitive, energetic and promising. 

We aimed to train our students from Formal Education to a selection of Career programs, which we believe to be essential from the school level.

RAMA provides education to children from the ages of 3 – 18 years.