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Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy


  1. Which curriculum does the school follow?

Answer: We follow ICSE and ISC curriculum.

  1. Under which board is the school affiliated to?

Answer: Our school is affiliated to the renowned CISCE board.

  1. What is the school timing? What was the school timing before the pandemic situation?

Answer: As the school is conducting online classes, the school timing has been modified. Before the pandemic situation, the timing of the school was 8.50 a.m. to 2.40 p.m.

  1. During the pandemic situation, how have you conducted the online classes?

Answer: During the pandemic situation, we have facilitated online classes through Google meet platform. Moreover, we have developed separate Whatsapp groups for each class in which we provide study materials, video lectures, and query solving sessions.

  1. What is the procedure of online classes taken in the school?

Answer: We conduct online classes through a safe and secured platform that is Google meet. Each student is instructed to keep their video and audio switched on mandatorily. Wearing school dress is necessary to attend the classes.

  1. What is the Third Language taught in the school?

Answer: The Third Language taught in our school is French. This is a compulsory subject from classes III to VIII.

  1. Why did you choose this particular subject as the Third Language?

Answer: The reason for choosing French is intended to acquaint the students to a foreign language which has huge prospect in today’s world. This would keep them in an advantageous position if they prefer to opt studying abroad or working abroad especially in European countries. French holds a prestigious and prospective position in the global market.

  1. Does the school encourage the students to take opportunities in various competitions?

Answer: Yes, we encourage the students to participate in various competitions like quiz, interschool competitions, sports, athletics and CPS Olympiad.

  1. Does the school provide hostel facility to students?

Answer: Yes, we have the facility of day boarding, weekly boarding and full boarding.

  1. What do day boarding, weekly boarding and full boarding imply?

Answer: Here is the overview:

Day boarding- Children come to school in the morning. They are provided lunch after which they avail the hostel tuition facility. At evening, they are provided snacks after which they go back home at 7.00 p.m.

Weekly boarding- Children stay in the hostel from Monday to Friday (whole day and night).

Full boarding- Children stay here permanently. The parents are allowed to take them back once a month.

  1. When will the school reopen?

Answer: According to the regulations decided by the Government, our school reopens on 16th Of November, 2021 for classes IX-XII following proper Covid protocols.

  1. When will school reopen for students up till class VIII?

Answer: We have not yet received any instruction from the Government regarding it. It will be notified as and when we get to know about it.

  1. What are the steps that the school is taking to sanitize and follow the Covid protocols?

Answer: We are regularly sanitizing the entire school will machines. We are following proper Covid protocols. Each person entering the school premises goes through thorough thermal checking and sanitizing procedures. All the teachers and staff members are vaccinated and each one of us follows the precautionary measures properly. Social distancing, wearing masks is mandatory for all in the school premises.

14) How is the exam conducted in your school?


Ans- Two terms are conducted in our school:

Mid- Term  (Unit 1 and Unit 2)

Final- Term (Unit 3 and Unit 4)


Mid  term is comprised of Unit 1 & 2.

Final term is comprised of Unit 3 & 4.


Moreover,  we conduct Open book examination,  and MCQ type test also.

  1. What is the record of the school regarding the board results?

Answer: We are glad to inform that our students excel in board examinations every year with highest score of 95% and above. Each and every student has received excellent marks. Last 3 years we bagged excellent results in ICSE and ISC examination. 2019 batch highest marks in ICSE../ ISC.., 2020 batch highest marks in ICSE../ ISC..; 2021 batch highest marks in ICSE../ ISC…

  1. What are the streams offered in the school for classes XI-XII?

Answer: We offer three streams to our ISC students namely Science, Commerce and Humanities.

Subjects offered:

Science- English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Evs, Biology/Computer Science, Psychology, 2nd language/Physical Education.

Commerce- Accounts, Commerce, Economics, BST/ Maths/EVS, Computer Science, 2nd Language/Physical Education.

Humanities- Political Science, Geography, Economics, History/Maths/EVS, Psychology, Computer Science, 2nd language/Physical Education.

  1. Does the school allow admission of students in classes X and XII?

Answer- Yes, our school has NIOS facility. So, any student belonging to ICSE, CBSE, WB and other boards are welcomed to take admission in classes X and XII.

18) Is your school doing something for social consciousness?  If yes, what are they?

Ans: Yes, the school works very hard to spread social consciousness. For example, we had organized rally, seminars on dengue awareness, COVID awareness, and environmental causes. Apart from this distribution of books, cloths, mosquito net, medicines amongst the poor and needy people throughout the year. During flood or any natural calamity we initiate to aid to the affected area.

19) Is your school taking steps on child security?

Ans-  Each and every classroom as well as our  school campus is under CCTV surveillance. Moreover, all our teachers, working staffs and students are specially counseled by the Psychologist. Data security for every child is taken care of. Identity card, updated parents KYC is mandatory.


20) Is there any opportunity for the admission of  special children?

Ans-  No. There is no such opportunity for the admission of special children.


21) Do you provide facilities for needy children?

Ans- Yes,  needy or financially backward children do get special facilities from our Institute.


22) Do you follow any special religionism?

Ans- No. We do not follow any specific religionism.

Our school believes in the theory of education for all, irrespective of these caste, creed, religion and gender.

23) What steps do you take for safety of a Girl Child in your school premises?

Ans- We take necessary measures for the safety of a girl child in our school. We regularly counsel our staffs and students, and our students are under complete CCTV surveillance. Our  lady attendants are specially trained about the health, hygiene and security of every girl child.


24) What facilities do you provide for your students,  in case of Computer,  Laboratory  and Library?

Ans – Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy provides for well equipped Computer Lab, Biology Lab, Physics lab, Chemistry Lab, as well as Students’  Library. Near about 5000 books and various journals are there in our Library.

Apart from textual and reference books, the library also facilitates different competitive exam related books, journal, Management, Law, Media etc.

Rather, we are looking forward to Library digitalization so that students can gain knowledge from career information, and job portals.  We are trying to make them consummate by exchanging knowledge.

25) What steps are you taking on Adult education?

Ans- We make individual and group counseling of students on Mental health.


26) What facilities do you provide for Children ‘s health and nutrition?

Ans- For good health and nutrition of children we focus upon Yoga and Meditation.  We motivate for regular exercise and natural healthy food diet and avoid junk food.  Presently, we are doing it through online supervision. We have Table tennis, Basket ball, Cricket, Football, Archery, Karate etc in our regular offline school regime.


27) When do your school session starts?

Ans- Our school session starts from March ( March-February)

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