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Boarding Facilities

Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy


We have elite air-conditioned boarding facilities for boys and girls and the services are rendered by “Radroh Knowledge Gateway Pvt. Ltd.”. Children from age 3 to 18 stay in this boarding under proper care and supervision of male and female wardens. Boarding students are given various types of facilities starting from dawn to night which include yoga, then after school tuition, games and recreation. And four times meals in a day. Our meal planning has been designed as per health, hygiene, nutrition and it varies in every week as per the choice of boarders. In any medical emergencies our staff have been trained and guided to take immediate consultation. Children are also taken out for short trips to Cinema theaters, amusement parks etc to give up a monotonous boarding life.

Boarding students especially girls are treated differently with counseling session to face the regular crisis and challenges of day to day life.


In Today’s fast life, where both the parents are working, it is quite hectic for them to shoulder the responsibility of both home and workplace. Keeping this in mind the guardians are provided with an additional benefit of Day Boarding and Boarding facility where the students can be looked after under special care.

Given below is a glimpse of services provided so that child feels at home and not away from home.


  • Air Conditioned accommodation with 24 hours power backup.
  • Dormitory accommodation with individual beds.
  • LCD Television in each dormitory for entertainment.
  • Safe lockers for every boarders.
  • Clean and hygienic washrooms.
  • Running water with hot water supply during winters.


  • Healthy balanced and homemade category of food is served to the boarders.
  • Both veg and non veg diet is served.
  • 4 meals are served (breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner)


Milk, Cornflakes/Omlette, Toast/Puri, aloo.


Rice, Dal, Salad, seasonal veg, Curry,fish/chicken/Egg/Paneer/Soyabean,Curd.


Noodles/Pasta/Upma/Poha/JhaalMuri/legumes andpotato chat/idly


Roti, Tarka/Paratha Sabzi/Chilli Chicken,Fried Rice/Chicken Biriyani/Dalia/Kanji Rice, all with desert or sweet.

The school offers Day Boarding Facility after school hours. Fully air conditioned accommodation is offered to the day boarders along with lunch and evening snacks. Group tuition on all subjects are also offered to day boarders along with activities like painting, music, outdoor and indoor games, etc. Day boarding has been created so that a child looks upon school as a second home where equal importance is given to academics and co-curricular pursuits. Here children are made self reliant and independent, are taught values and discipline, and evolve their life skills such as confidence, fearlessness, courage, self –esteem.


– The timing for day-boarders are 2.40 p.m. to 6:30p.m.
– Accommodation is completely Air-Conditioned.
– Facilities like 5-day Group Tuition, Drawing Class, Music Class, Dance, Yoga are provided.
– 2 meals (Lunch + Evening Snacks), both Veg & Non Veg Meals are provided to Day-Boarders.
– Day boarding facilities is available for school days only.


A safe learning environment is essential for students of all ages. Without it they are unable to focus on learning for future.

Here, in our school, keeping the above facts in mind, we have uphold various safety measures which include-
• CCTV surveillance and security.
• The entire campus is protected by fencing and boundary wall.
• Gate passes are checked before entry of any outsider.
• Emergency drills are being taught to students to make them conscious and trained to seize from all types of hazards.
• Fire extinguishers are stationed at every floor stairs, office, library & laboratory.
• Self defense lessons and first aid safety are also being taught.
• Counseling classes for students especially girls to face challenges & crisis of day to day life.
• Pull cars & other transport drivers are monitored at regular intervals.
• Separate washrooms for girls, boys and staff members at school and toilet attendants are being stationed during recess time.
• Counseling classes about “Good Touch & Bad Touch” are held at regular intervals.


The school has introduced its hostel “Home Away From Home” which is a very homely type boarding offering A.C. accommodation in its lush green campus. Students have their study hour and meal hour in hostel. Here students develop great intimacy among themselves. There grows a spirit of co-operation and fellow feeling even when they are away from home. The students help one another in studies and in case of need. They develop a sense of responsibility in matters of taking care of books, clothes and health. Further, reading in company is more helpful to the students than reading alone.