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Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy

Knowing Of Helping Words

RISHI AUROBINDO MEMORIAL ACADEMY has conducted a project on the topic “KNOWING OF HELPING WORDS” by the pre primary teachers.
THE OBJECTIVE : Implementation of gestures and its application in our daily life, is the motive of the project.
THE OUTCOME: The teachers of pre-primary section prepared a chart demonstrating the “helping words “such as gratitude, thank you, kind, love etc. and enacted those to bring out the real concept of such gestures and these should not be confined between the families rather to spread to the society irrespective of cast, creed and religion.

In a Railway Station

RISHI AUROBINDO MEMORIAL ACADEMY conducts a project on the topic “IN A RAILWAY STATION” by the pre primary teachers.

THE OBJECTIVE :The main motive behind the project was to make the children get the structure concept of a railway station and important surroundings and people involved.

THE OUTCOME : The children along with the teachers made a pictorial demonstration highlighting the railway and platform surroundings. The students learnt about the train, signals, tracks, passengers etc. which helped them to enhance their general knowledge apart from their studies.

Grand Parents You Are Most Important For Us


IMPORTANT FOR US” by the pre primary teachers and students.

THE OBJECTIVE : The motive behind the project was to make our children realize the value of grand parents. To spread message of caring for their physical and mental health.

THE OUTCOME : The children made photoframes, pasting photos of grandparents. The teachers discussed the importance of grand parents, making them realize the moral values which grandparents give us in shaping strong characters. The old age is also an important part of our family, was the main motive of the observation.

Sky at Day and Night

RISHI AUROBINDO MEMORIAL ACADEMY has conducted the 4th project “SKY AT DAY AND NIGHT” by the pre primary teachers.

THE OBJECTIVE: To make children know about the Sky, moon, stars and myth.

THE OUTCOME : The children prepared charts and models showing the night sky. The teachers discussed about the importance of the heavenly bodies and the beauty of the universe.

This project will help them to gain knowledge about the celestial constellation of stars and ecstasy of night sky. The most significant part was to aware about the myth of the conservation of solar or lunar eclipses existing in the society.

Aao Milke Khiley


THE OBJECTIVE: Kindness, emotion, love must not be confined within one self, one family rather it must be spread amongst all.

THE OUTCOME : The parents along with the children came forward with the view to spread love, harmony and exchanging gifts, thoughts with each other during festive season, durga puja. The initiative behind this was to build a strong bondage among parents and children they prepared greetings, sang songs and exchanged their good thoughts.

Raksha Bandhan

Bond of Love

Knots of Unity

The understood the meaning of brotherhood and companionship and also the bond of love in between them


Diwali Ka Chirag

They themselves represented the candles in their own houses. They are the bright lights that emit and radiate happiness in their family


Gokul Astami


On this day they celebrated the birth of Krishna with the belief that they ae the reincarnation of Krishna in their own house and they are the heart and soul of their abodes

Durga Puja

Aao Milkey Khiley

They understood the meaning of unity, harmony, friendship, love and kindness among kids and parent. This initiative was taken to spread the above message

BRIDGE-UP course

“Bridge-up course for the young minds, who are yet to begin the journey as toddlers” Following the footsteps of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother our school Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy has formulated a special Bridge-up course for the young minds, who are yet to begin the journey as toddlers.They are being encouraged to inculcate numbers, alphabets, natural ambience in a novel way in a traditional manner that are imprinted on their young minds. Come let us join this journey and be a part of RAMA family.