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Students Guidelines

Rishi Aurobindo Memorial Academy

FOOD HABITS : Parents are heroes for a kid, they watch their actions, learn from them, try to follow them and thus, this becomes crucial. Making the eating table a palette of healthy colors, introduction of a new food variety every week, keep away distractions from these simple mealtime. With the help of these simple tricks, one can draw the attention of the child towards healthy and nutrition plays a very important role too.

HEALTH : For children the right to health is vital because they are vulnerable beings, more at risk to illness and health complications. Children require extra attention in order to enjoy the best possible health. This allows them to develop properly during their childhood and teenage years. Generally, a child who benefits from appropriate health care will enjoy a state of health during the stages of childhood and can become a healthy adult.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY : Teaching social responsibility to children is a must for the development of children, they should also become aware of their social responsibility. Developing the sense of social responsibility in children is necessary as they are the future of our country. Social responsible child can be a responsible citizen of our country.

BALANCE BETWEEN MOBILE PHONE AMONGST CHILDREN : It’s a good idea to keep a balance between mobile phone among children. These might be rules about what your children can use their phone for, where and when they can use it, and how much they can spend on usage. Managing safety and privacy settings on their phone for example, checking that social media profiles are private and locking the phone with a pin and not entering personal details like name, address or date of birth into online accounts or forms. Checking which apps use location services and switching off unnecessary ones. This ensure that the child isn’t showing their location to nearby people that they don’t know.